Time is Brain

BrainTalk is a software-based stroke prediction, detection and characterization tool that uses voice feature analysis to identify stroke earlier and thus reduce its incidence and negative consequences.
With effective but time-dependent treatments available, BrainTalk is designed to help stroke patients identify their condition and alert help fast. 


Early Detection Saves Lives

The weakest link in the stroke care pathway is awareness and early detection. Of approximately 1.5M stroke cases in developed countries each year, more than 70% do not reach medical facilities in time for optimal,

often life-saving treatment. 
The result: In the US, stroke is the number one cause of serious long-term disability and the number three cause of death. It is associated with annual costs of $70B and a personal and emotional burden to individuals and families that goes far beyond the financial costs.
Clearly, there is a critical need for a highly accessible tool able to alert at-risk individuals and care providers when a stroke occurs, so that they can reach medical facilities in time for optimal treatment.


The Solution

Voice changes are a primary warning sign of stroke, which can be detected, monitored and characterized. BrainTalk harnesses the information found in voice to provide an early trigger for the existing stroke care pathway.


BrainTalk’s algorithm is the product of a collaboration between neuropsychology experts at Israel’s National Institute for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (NIRBI) and the leaders in machine learning technology at US-based predictive analytics company SentiMetrix.

Ayala Bloch, PhD – Co-founder

Ayala is a senior neuropsychologist and certified clinical supervisor with a specialization in Rehabilitation Psychology and a PhD in Neuroscience, an MA in Neuropsychology and a dual undergraduate degree in Physics and Psychology. She has served as the CEO and Professional Director of NIRBI since March 2015. Alongside extensive professional knowledge derived from over 15 years as a clinician, Ayala brings notable leadership experience, scientific proficiency, and a multi-disciplinary background to NIRBI.

Sari Maril, PhD – Co-founder

Sari is a clinical neuropsychologist with over 15 years of experience in creating, editing and managing written academic and scientific content in English. She holds PhD (2013) and MA degrees in Clinical Neuropsychology and a dual undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology. Prior to her position as research director at NIRBI, Sari worked with several neurological and psychiatric populations in both clinical and research-based frameworks.

Vadim Kagan – Co-founder

Vadim has over 25 years of experience building massive-scale data processing systems. During his 12-year stint at AOL, Vadim worked on search engines, automated news processing, data profiling and content syndication. Since 2007, he's been leading SentiMetrix, bringing his skills and expertise to Big Data and social media analytics.

VS Subrahmanian – Co-founder

VS is well-known worldwide for his expertise in social media analysis, socio-cultural computational methods and text analytics. He is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland in College Park and the inventor of the technology behind SentiMetrix products and services.



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